Terms & Conditions

We offer a 12 month guarantee on the installation and all parts of your towbar, including wiring. We give a free of charge repair on any faults that appear that you report to us during this period.

The towbar installation is tested by our fitter at the time of fitting. If you discover a fault with your towbar or wiring you must inform us immediately.

We will arrange for the fitter to check the installlation as soon as possible. If we discover that any fault is not related to our installation, there is a £45 call out fee for mobile or a £20 fee back at our premise in Cullompton. This is simply to cover our fitters costs.

We will not pay any charges from any 3rd party (eg: garages or other towbars fitters) unless they are agreed by us in advance. In the event that we agree to pay any costs we will only pay for like for like replacement of any parts.